March 26, 2012

Violet's second piece of embroidery done, #3 begun

Becky has been teaching Violet simple embroidery stitches these last six months or so. Her first project was three circles of different colors on a piece of muslin, done with big satin stitches. She was very pleased with this, and it hung on the wall of the kitchen for some time. Next, she wanted to get more ambitious, so she designed a scene with a flower.

Becky helped with the pencil outlines and helped her get started on each new stitch type, and we also threaded her needles and did the start and end of a piece of thread. It turned out great! She has been diligently working on it for about 5 months and finished it off a few weeks ago. It has stem, satin, and chain stitches.

Done with the central flower - December 2011

After she finished, she wanted to start a new one immediately, this time of a chicken. She says she wants to give it to her teacher at a little class we signed her up for this spring at Drumlin Farm. Its got a lot of chain stitch so far!

We're also talking about her doing some embroidery on the bottom of a muslin dress I dug out of the unfinished project box and am working on finishing right now.

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