January 26, 2016

Garden Review 2015: Popcorn, Fiber Flax, Wheat

We grew a little popcorn, which gave a higher yield of easy to process grain than any other grain I've tried, even though by the standards of corn it didn't do great. A small patch of fiber flax, which did nicely and looked great while growing. Tried a bit of Red Fife wheat, which was an utter fail.

January 16, 2016

Urban Micro Orchard: Year 2

The 7 apple trees in the micro-orchard did very well in the beginning of the season, we ate our first couple fruits in the fall, and got plenty of production from the companion plant understory. Overactive management on my part led to the destruction of 2 trees in late summer. Nevertheless, I have high hopes for next year!

You can find a post about the design of the orchard here, and a review of the first growing season here.

January 10, 2016

Garden Review 2015: Garlic, Leeks, Ramps, and other Alliums

Alliums are a fantastic group of plants. I have loads of alliums planted in different areas, some growing as perennials, some as annuals.