March 14, 2012

Finished racking 2011 cider

Last weekend I racked the last two carboys of 2011 cider into kegs. This means all 100+ liters of my 2011 hard cider is now in stainless. The combination of holiday season feasts and all the company we had to help with Becky's broken ankle in January helped us tap out the 2010 cider toward the end of February. I racked the first three carboys of 2011 a few weeks ago and have started drinking that.

The 2011 is shaping up nicely with a good balance of flavors. I think its quite tasty for a 5 month old cider, and it should improve further with age.

My friend Ben Polito, who I've been doing cider with for the past 6 years, has a much more extensive blog about cider and apples. We now have a highly effective set of bicycle powered cidering tools which allow us to process vast quantities of apples, with plenty of help from cider weekend enthusiasts.

Here is a pic off his blog of me riding the hydraulic press bike with Buster last fall.

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Hard Cider said...

Hi Holly- I posted about you on my FB page called, "Hard Cider". Love that bike press! Inspiring- April