July 10, 2014

Spanish Cedar doll beds, to furnish tiny apartments

The kids made some row houses with Becky from cardboard boxes for their little animal figurines. They pasted on some pattern paper for wall paper, and cut out some pictures from magazines for decorations.

My mom made some tables for these houses using popsicle sticks and mailed them to us.

Everyone wanted beds for the figures too, so we rounded up some scraps of spanish cedar which I originally bought to make storm doors (still in process, more than a year later, arrg!). The offcuts I used to resole a pair of wood shoes, and the scraps from that were plenty to make these beds from.

The kids did some of the cutting with the japanese saw.

Then a little glue and some headless nails from my Grex air pinner. They did a bit of sanding and put shellac on.

Buster's bed we left in natural finish, Violet put a dark stain on hers, and Millie painted hers white.

We chopped up some felt I had for mattresses, and I sewed some thinner felt into pillows stuffed with wool fiber.

Violet wanted a dark red felt blanket, so we cut one out.

Millie wanted to use some quilting fabric scraps, so we sewed up a two sided cover with the handcrank machine. I made Busters's blanket from felt and appliqued a B on it.

The fairy chairs we made are still hanging around and are of the right scale to fit in the rooms.

Violet also used some polymer clay to make food for the tables,

 and a toilet for the attic (??).


Bob Gates said...
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AnnMarie said...

What a fantastic idea. I can't wait to try this with my daughters. (I keep meaning to build a wooden dollhouse, but I think a cardboard one is a perfect start!)