January 25, 2013

Becky's First Quilt

Becky started this quilt when her good friend Sandra was pregnant with her second child, intending to give the quilt to the new baby. That little girl is now three years old, and the quilt is complete!

This was the first quilt made in our household, so there was a learning curve to traverse. It is also challenging to find time to push forward projects like this with three little kids in the house, especially if you have to figure things out as you are working as opposed to just cranking thought something you know how to do already.

We tried a few different quilting books, but Becky liked Your First Quilt Book (or it should be!) by Carol Doak best and worked from the clear and well presented generalized instructions presented therein.

The top is hand pieced pinwheel pattern blocks, designed by Becky, with a few rows of borders around it. Fabric is from FatQuarterShop.com. The quilting itself was also done by hand.

I helped get her set up on the Wheeler & Wilson D-9 to do the first seam of the binding.

Then she slip stitched the other side of the binding, with a hanging sleeve at one end of the quilt. I must say she did a beautiful job with this; much better than I would have done. Apparently I still have a ways to go with improving my hand work!

The two girls really like this quilt and have asked for quilts for themselves. Becky has lots of leftover print fabric from this project, and we have other white fabric around, probably enough to make at least one twin size quilt. She is already planning her second and third quilts.

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Allison in Plano said...

Just lovely Becky! Your color choices, construction, hand quilting and thise ttiny whip stitches for the binding. What a give for your friend's daughter. From your heart and hands. Can hardly wait to see your next few projects.