December 6, 2012

Violet and Millie's Birthday Party

This year for Violet and Millie's birthdays, which are only separated by a month, we had a combined party. They share many of the same friends, and it's a lot of work to host! Given the date of mid-October, and coming the weekend after we went apple picking, we settled upon an apple themed party. We made apple theme cakes, two apple pinatas, served apple cider (sweet and hot, or hard and cold), and had some apple based games for the kids to play. The above is a box Becky painted for the 'Toss the Apple' game.

The pinatas were certainly popular, though the one for the big kids was unfortunately busted before everyone had a chance to hit it.

The kids and Becky had been making them over the period of about a month before the party.

For Toss the Apple, we selected a bunch of kid sized Golden Russet apples from our picking haul. Each kid got to throw three apples, attempting to get them into the mouth.

We did a Balancing Apple Race, where the kids balanced little apples on a tablespoon and raced across the yard.

Violet was also very excited about bobbing for apples, so we set this up in the front yard in a laundry tub filled with tepid water. Her and her friend Briac really went to town! Some of the other kids had a go, and their parents may not have been thanking me for putting that activity on the way out of the party since most of them left rather wetter than they had arrived.

The weather was warm, and there was some digging in the cleared out front garden box. Everyone had a nice time.

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