April 9, 2012

Regency Girl's dress Revival

The red and white regency dresses I made the girls for Joelle's wedding (see the recent Glories of the Past entry) were unfortunately not favorites and never got worn more than a handful of times, usually only after significant prodding from me. However, Violet just realized its probably closer to anything else in her closet to something Laura Ingalls might have worn as a girl, and so these have been enjoying something of a renaissance.

They are very cute, especially when Millie and Violet match and are also sporting the white sunbonnets we got at Sturbridge Village. The other week Violet wanted to wear hers every day, and we were trying to keep up with putting it through the wash frequently enough. As might have been predicted, the white skirt gets very dirty very quickly. In response to the high demand for regency wear, I dug out the muslins I made as precursors to these dresses and we've been working on finishing them up to a wearable state. I'll post pictures when they are done of course!

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