January 26, 2012


My name is Holly Gates. I am an engineer living in an old house in Somerville, MA with my wife and kids. This blog is a space for me to make some notes about pictures and put up the occasional project writeup or tutorial.

I used to have a website, positron.org, at which you can still find archived stuff. But I haven't updated it almost 5 years, and have started missing the ability to indulge in the conceit that the world is interested in what I am up to. The full on website process was just too time consuming; writing the HTML, formatting and uploading pictures, organizing into a hierarchy that made sense, making links, and the like.

So I figured I would go all web 2.0 and try out a blog. I think possibly something is lost in not having an organized structure, but it sure is easier for the author to get new stuff up! With good search and tags it's probably almost as good and even better under some circumstances. Using the Blogger interface also makes it way, way easier to get pictures up and placed, and to format the text of a post.

Here is a picture of my wife Becky and I at my cousin Stephanie's wedding last August.